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Looking for Certified Nurse Leader Certification? For seasoned, advanced practice nurses pursuing CNL role eligibility or Post-Master’s CNL Certificate, consider these programs:

Clinical Leadership Post-master’s Certificate Program at St. Xavier University

Graduates of Saint Xavier’s Master of Science in Nursing – Clinical Leadership program will be able to:

  • Implement the CNL role in a variety of health care settings

  • Implement outcomes-based practice improvement strategies

  • Coordinate health assessments, new technology, patient input, and information from other healthcare professionals to create safe, high-quality care

Post-master’s CNL Certificate at Spring Hill College

The CNL Certificate at Spring Hill College combines on-ground and online learning, site visits by Spring Hill faculty, and clinical integration with local preceptors to help students complete coursework in their local communities and work settings.

Topics typically covered in post-master’s certificate programs include:

  • Epidemiology

  • Pharmacotherpeautics

  • Physiology

  • Health Assessment

  • Population-based Health Care

  • Physiology/Pathopsysiology

Other critical course elements outlined by the AACN include leadership, care environment management, clinical outcomes management and CNL immersion.  Finding the right Certified Nurse Leader Certification can be the next step in your career.

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What education level is required to be a CNL?

You will need at least a MSN with a concentration in Clinical Nurse Leadership or a similar program. This is because a CNL needs to be a resource for their nursing team, and the MSN assures that a nurse is clinically competent to do that.  There are also Post-Master’s Certificate programs that will prepare any nurse already carrying an MSN degree for the CNL exam.

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