As a Clinical Nurse Leader, we know that you’re always looking to improve your skill set.

You also often look to other CNLs to figure out if they’ve had similar experiences, or of someone else has encountered a problem you’re currently facing in the field.

While classroom experience and on-the-job training are incredibly valuable, often, the things that you learn from other CNLs are just as helpful.

However, it’s no secret that everyone in the nursing field is on the go all of the time! So, squeezing in a few minutes to get a second opinion, or to talk about how you can best mentor other nurses you work with, can be a challenge.

That’s where nursing podcasts come in. You can listen to them anywhere, at any time, and learn valuable lessons you can put into practice every day.

Read on to learn about the top podcasts for CNLs.

1. A Cup of Health with CDC

Looking for nursing podcasts that you can plug into while you’re on a coffee break? Want to make sure you stay on top of the latest public health facts and figures?

If so, then you should certainly start listening to the “A Cup of Health” Podcast, direct from the Center for Disease Control (the CDC for short.)

Not only is the podcast completely free, but each episode is only about six minutes in length. This means that you can learn a lot about topics like kidney health, new infertility treatments, and even how to ensure you’re following good hygiene practices on the job.

Other topics include how to lose weight and keep it off in the long-term, advice on how to talk about vaccinations to patients and their families, and even tips on how to improve posture.

Because the episodes are so short, you’ll learn actionable statistics and workplace tips in no time at all.

We love the idea of encouraging all your other nursing friends to listen to this podcast. After all, everyone can find six extra minutes in their day — even CNLs!

2. The Johns Hopkins Health Newsfeed

There are few things more beneficial to nurses than educational podcasts that fill you in on the latest developments in the medical world in one minute or less.

That’s exactly the concept behind the John Hopkins Health Newsfeed podcast.

Listening to it while you ride into work ensures that you can contribute to any conversation on the hot health topics of the day — and answer questions about newsworthy nursing events from patients.

Because of the brevity of this nursing podcast, you can expect to get a new episode once every workday.

Recent topics of conversation have included news about the latest flu deaths, and the pros and cons of using a digital assistant in the medical world. The podcast has even covered the sudden rise of acute flaccid myelytis in the United States.

When you want to be sure that you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the medical world outside of your hospital, this is one of the best podcasts 2018 has to offer nurses.

3. The Sawbones Podcast

Especially if you work in the high-stress field of CNL nursing, we know that sometimes, you just need a good laugh.

Enter the Sawbones Podcast, which is one of the funniest podcasts feared towards those in the nursing profession.

Hosted by Sydnee and Justin McElroy, “Sawbones” takes a humorous look at how medicine has evolved over the years. It combines modern medical advice and nursing experiences with the bizarre and often hilarious history of the nursing profession.

You’ll learn about strange cures and old-world treatments, funny past-held beliefs about nutrition, and even how people stayed healthy on the Oregon Trail.

Not only will this podcast give you a great laugh, you’ll also finish each episode grateful for how far the profession has come!

4. The Nursing Show

The final entry on our list of the best nursing podcasts is the much-beloved “The Nursing Show.”

First of all, it’s hard not to love the host, Jamie Davis. He is one of the leaders in nursing education, and a celebrated speaker on the power of nursing. You’ll get access to a new show every single week — but you’ll also get shownotes for each episode that you can refer back to once you’ve finished listening.

This is especially popular among those who are looking for podcasts that speak about what to expect out of the nursing lifestyle. Nurses and other medical professionals offer advice about conflict resolution, bedside manner, and other ways to improve the patient experience.

The podcast also deals with more complicated topics like nursing burnout, end of life care, and even diversity within the nursing profession.

Which of These Nursing Podcasts Will You Listen To?

We hope that this post has inspired you to start listening to some of the best nursing podcasts available to you today.

Remember that these educational podcasts won’t just help you to learn more about the latest medical treatments, techniques, and facts and figures. They’ll also help you to better manage the complicated lifestyle of being a CNL.

Of course, many of these podcasts will also give you a much-needed bit of humor.

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No matter what you need help within the CNL field, we want to help you to get everything you need. Let us be your one-stop shopping center for all things related to the CNL profession and lifestyle.