When you’re looking to make an impact on the medical field, there are several options available. One of the newer and more intriguing options is the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) career track.

Before you go down this track, you will need to learn the nuances that make it unique, the requirements for entering the field, and why it can be beneficial.

To learn these points and so much more, keep reading.

What Does a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Do?

This is a position in the upper tier of the nursing field. As a clinical nurse leader, you will serve as a cornerstone for a medical practice.

These professionals study patients, analytics and medical treatments in order to continuously improve the way they are healed. This is a career path that requires constant observation in order to be sure that patients are getting the best care possible.

You can take this position to a number of different career tracks. For example, Clinical Nurse Leaders work in everything from emergency rooms and private practices to the armed forces and intensive care units.

By understanding a bit more about the work that these professionals provide, you will be better able to get the training that you need.

What are the Benefits of a CNL Career?

If you’re thinking about becoming a CNL, you need to know what makes it such a great idea. Below are a few perks that you’ll enjoy when you decide to take this track.

1. The Job Title is New and Exciting

Who doesn’t like new?

The job title Clinical Nurse Leader was only created in the year 2007. You can expect a lot of growth and change to take place as a result.

These professionals are continuously being used in different medical settings in order to get quality outcomes for patients. Since the field is only a decade or so old, you can truly be a driving force behind its evolution.

2. You Set the Tone in Healing People

If you are a sports nut, think of this position as a head coach or offensive coordinator.

You might have a lot of great players on staff, but you will help them get the most out of their potential by empowering them with strategy. This is a leadership position that requires you to do what is best for the team so that the patients benefit most of all.

By taking a top-down approach to medical care, you get the feeling of knowing that you are at the driving force of change, not just for your particular practice, but the industry as a whole.

3. It is a Field That is Always in Demand

The healthcare field has lots of job security and the need is high. By going down this road, you are personally guaranteeing that you can be employable in a lot of different industries all over the world.

The registered nurse position is expected to see a growth of about 15% by the year 2026. This means that these registered nurses will need the guidance of CNL professionals that can set the tone and help steer a practice in the right direction.

4. The Salary is Great

Whenever embarking on a career field, salary will likely be at the forefront of your mind. You’ve got to make a living, so it’s important to know how much you’re compensated.

When it comes to being a Clinical Nurse Leader, you can expect to pay to be excellent no matter you live. On average, expect to earn approximately $84,000.

There is plenty of room for growth also as you excel in the field.

5. You Get to Take on New and Different Challenges

In taking on a leadership role, you will always have new challenges that are exciting and fulfilling.

In many situations, you may be called upon to spearhead a medical practice that needs a lot of TLC and direction. By setting this direction and taking a practice from the bottom to prominence, you can beef up your resume and become incredibly in demand within the field.

Above all, you will know that you made tangible changes that help people get healthier and help medical professionals thrive at their own craft.

6. It is a People-Oriented Field

If you love being around people and having conversations, you’ll thrive as a CNL.

This is very much a communication-oriented title. You’ll need to learn how to get the most out of other nurses, and this requires teaching and learning people’s personalities.

It’s also crucial that you learn how to delegate so that you are running a well-oiled machine.

How Can I Become a CNL?

Once you’re intrigued by the title, it’s important that you learn how to get started.

For one, you’ll need to explore a degree track that will help you get the education that you need. These positions require a masters in a related field, along with experience that will carry over into leadership.

If you know this is the track you want to take, start continuing your education and networking with professionals that can provide references and mentorship.

Keep Researching the Field

Anyone that really wants to explore this career track should keep researching and learning the ropes. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) near you to see how they operate on the job.

This way, you will really get a feel for what they do and whether this is a career you would enjoy.

To learn more about nursing careers, comb through our articles and get in touch if you have questions.